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What Are Social Video Ads?
These are not just videos you post on social media. A common mistake is taking a video you produced for something else and simply putting it on social. Social Video Ads are videos tailored to each social platform and supported with paid placements in order to deliver very specific results.
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Who Are They For?
Brands or nonprofits who have a particular target audience they need to reach as well as clearly defined goals. Social Video Ads are also a good fit if you need to measure ROI and track effectiveness.
What Can Social Video Ads Do
For Your Business?
Video Helps Your Audience to Know, Like & Trust You On A Whole New Level
Your audience is smart, they aren’t just going to believe that your solution works.
​​​They want proof, it has to show more than how it works, what it does, or whom it helps.
​​​​​​​When they have that experience of your value, they move from interest to desire.
Time On Page:
Studies have found that landing pages with a high quality animated video have an 80% increase in time spent by visitors.​​​​​​​
The longer they’re there, the more they learn. The more they learn, the likelier they are to buy.
High quality animated videos are versatile assets. They’re a great headline for a landing page.
They improve email open rates.
They’re easy to send out on social.
They spruce up a sales pitch. They’re perfect for trade shows. They can announce a launch.
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